Just made a fb group for the app just search Simon Posford App and join. Share with all you know who have the app so we can stay connected and free up some post space.
only please add people with the app let's keep this a memebers only thing :)

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over 5 years

I'm not on facebook these days. I'm only on G+ :::(

Katie Mongan
over 5 years

good thinking!

Graham Northwood
over 5 years

Nice one man! Joined!

Shawn Ortez
over 5 years

Tara you can kinda create forums on the group just use files to create a doc and then you can also upload files like pics, video, and audio.
we can have seperate discussion files for things.

Tara Binger
over 5 years

Very smart! I like that idea. It would also be cool to have a forum but I suppose thOse are outdated?

over 5 years

great idea Shawn!