GOOD morning everyone!!! We are 2.5 days away from the NYC show, hallelujah! Simon, you are the only person who can entice me from sleeping with the fact that... 1. You have a n awesome app with an even better community of fans (!!!!)
2. Instant access to media
3. We actually get to interact with you and hear your thoughts, opinions and even silly comments. How lucky are we?? (OMG SIMON POSTED IN THE APP... (Squeak)! ) I am very grateful for the chance to communicate and just want to say thank you!!! Good vibes!!

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Kristin Spradling
almost 5 years

Sean and Tara, hope you have an amazing Shpongle experience! Much love!

Tara Binger
almost 5 years

Yesss me too Sean! And it's supposed to be above 60* too!

Sean Wilson
almost 5 years

Good morning to you too. Can't wait to meet up in New York