Hellos Simon and all Shpongolese here , I have a question about Hallucinogen no. 3 album ? Are there any secret story or news about it ? Love & light. mmaguss

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Simon Posford
about 5 years

It's no secret

about 5 years

I wanna hear Simons new metal album. he's been practicing his growls this tour haha.

Shawn Ortez
about 5 years

something where Simon can be all over the map and really showcase all his tallent I'd love to honestly head his take on any style of music I'm sure it would be good and shpongled up

about 5 years


Corderosa Amada
about 5 years

I remember he said something about being tired of having to sound a certain way. Personally I'm hoping for a totally new project something without expectation where we can hear more of the stuff that he's maybe wanted to try but it didn't fit with Shpongle/YB/Hallucinogen

Mushy Mushy
about 5 years

Ain't happening. Per SP himself.