Noooo!!! I missed the live stream again!!! :(
To make up for it we're listening to Shpongle live in the car (wouldn't you know it, one of the artists is married to someone who's a Shpongle fan too so he totally sympathised with me and played some Shpongle to make me feel better.)

I also introduced one of the models to Shpongle. This is the third photo shoot we've worked on so she's heard about my Shpongle obsession before. We hit the vape a couple of times and had a blast climbing around in the wilderness.

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Jim Morrison
over 5 years

Great pic Paidamoyo. Me too Rich!

Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

You look so cute! Shpongle on :-)

Corderosa Amada
over 5 years

Yes!!! That means I've caught every concert live stream AND I just spent an entire hour and a half blissing out to Shpongle live after a truly amazing day.

All is well in my tiny corner of ShpongleLand, even if I am neon green and orange and I have twigs and leaves in my hair.

over 5 years

You didn't miss it, Simon said there was no WiFi at the venue tonight. I was missing the live chat love myself!