Anyone know where I can pick up a tour shirt? I meant to get one at the end of the Chi show last night, but was a bit too Shpongled and forgot. Or if anyone could grab me an extra medium one at the next show he plays, I'd happily PayPal for it. Thanks all! Stay Shpongled ::::)

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over 5 years

We need a virtual tour t-shirt with all the live stream dates!

over 5 years

Yea, I saw someone walking out last night that had one with the tour dates on the back. I dunno what was on the front, but that's the shirt I'm looking for. I didn't go back for one cause I figured they'd be available through the app, but they aren't :(

Mushy Mushy
over 5 years

Are they different to the ones sold on this very app?

Gigs Tree
over 5 years

same thing happened to me >.