That sad sad moment when you miss a live stream because you're having a fan moment with a Shpongle fan you just met.

An hour long drive and we just geeked out about Shpongle for half of it.

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Corderosa Amada
over 5 years

Mojojim I know!!! I'm sad I missed it!!! I was on my way to a photoshoot in the Sierra Nevadas and I had no signal :(

I'm hoping we wrap up in time for me to catch tonight's live stream.

On the plus side, one of the people I drove up with is a HUGE Shpongle fan, so I have someone to geek out with and get my Shpongle fix

Jim Morrison
over 5 years

We missed you in the live chat Paidamoyo

Shawn Ortez
over 5 years

haha I missed it to had my phone on silent for some silly reason learning to be human again in kati's couch

Sean Wilson
over 5 years

I just met you :)

Sriharsha NG
over 5 years

I hope its gonna be put under the Music tab! :( i missed it too