Philly Competition - Shpongle gets down to business!

Hi Shponglers,

I wanted to tell a story of how I was introduced to Shpongle through a business mentor that is nearly 30 years older than me.

I had just started my first web technology  company with some friends, and we needed money to help us get started.

We contracted a few hours to a person known as the "pitch doctor" to help improve our skills in pitching the business to venture capitalists and angel investors.  The coaching services were extremely helpful, well worth the money, and I would recommend him to others in a similar position.

What I wasn't expecting on my way out the door was the additional advice I'd received.  I saw a keyboard and asked him about it.  He said that he and a friend had been "jamming" for a few years, and that the music sounded like Shpongle.  I think he assumed, since I was younger, that I must've heard of Shpongle, but not yet.

He got me excited to check them out, and said he would burn me a CD that I could pickup on my next visit.  The services were expensive, and so I didn't have any plans of coming back yet.  I mentioned this to him, and he said I could pickup the CD along with a FREE additional training session!

We came back, got the free coaching session, and picked up the CDR.  It was "Are You Shongled." I remember rocking out to Vapour Rumors as we drove back home to Philly from the suburbs.

My life hasn't been the same.  Thanks to the pitch doctor, I discovered Shpongle, Younger Brother, Hallucinogen, Prometheus, Ott, etc.  

Another happy end to the story is that we were successful in raising the investment capital for our business too.  The entire experience was a big win for us personally and professionally!

Thank you pitch doctor, thank you -Chris

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Jim Morrison
about 5 years

Great story Chris. I am a lot older than a lot of the fans here, but it's not about age it's about the music entering your soul.

about 5 years

how awesome

about 5 years

Nice story Chris! You won't get a lot of argument from anyone here, life changing music indeed! :::)