It's crazy to think Are You Shpongled came out when I was 4 years old! I didn't even know computers were capable of producing something if that magnitude back then.

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Simon Posford
almost 5 years

Oh god. I'm old.

almost 5 years

Now I'm feeling my age! I was 20 when that album came out! I didn't have the same taste back last century, was a hard and fast raver in those days! Shpongle came in to my life a little later on...

Forest Boyle
almost 5 years

Thanks for the kind words :::)

almost 5 years

My Lord, Forest.. you're makin me feel.. very, very.. experienced LOL I love the younger folks embracing something as progressive, forward-thinking and enlightening as the Shpongle... shall I be so bold as to say... movement.. glad you're here buddy (:::