Morning Shpongloids! It's snowing again here in MD! That's not excitement haha I want it to be spring! Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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over 5 years

I've actually only seen snow once in my life, it's a 1500 km round trip from Adelaide to snowfields! Have a great day all!

over 5 years

it's so close Katie! hang in there! hope you have a lovely day as well. sunny here in Chicago but only 30 degrees (it was 70 last week!) I can't wait till I can get rid of my coat!

Sean Wilson
over 5 years

Snowing here in Connecticut.

over 5 years

Morn!! Hehe yep here in Toronto we had some flurries yesterday as well.. We're almost there

over 5 years

ahh more snow!!! wow I want spring so so badly !!!!! :::)