here is the tracklisting for Live In Seattle, WA 2015.3.22
~ Juggling Molecules
~ The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla>Dorset Perception>Periscopes Of Consciousness>Schmaltz Herring>Outer Shpongolia> Levitation Nation>Shpongolese Spoken Here>StarShpongled Banner>How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain (with sSbanner teases)>Divine Moments Of Truth
~ My Head Feels Like A Frisbee>No Turn Un-Stoned>My Head Feels Like A Frisbee
~ When Shall I Be Free?>Stamen Of The Shamen
~ I Am You
~ Brain In A Fish Tank>Around The World In A Tea Daze

the mixing at the end of Levitation Nation into the beginning of Shpongolese Spoken Here is amazing & the Banner >Jellyfish is really nice as well

all songs Shpongled

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Christopher Marrocco
over 5 years

Nice work!!

Katie Mongan
over 5 years

you are awesome! thank you

Jim Morrison
over 5 years


over 5 years

Thank you Benji! This app is amazing ! So much gratitude. I can't thank you guys enough

Benji Vaughan
over 5 years

Thanks, I masters it but ran out of time to do a full listing

over 5 years

would be cool to release more DVDs of your shows ;)

over 5 years

You're welcome! I love decoding the set lists. It'll get really fun later in the tour, when he starts mixing several songs together until the most fluent of fans become confused as to which song is really happening at that moment, as they're Shpongled into a new existence

over 5 years

thank you !

over 5 years

Nice work, great tracklisting! I've really been enjoying all of the Museums tracks, feel like I underestimated that album...

Jesennia King
over 5 years

Thank you ! I love the whole goddam thing .. Third listen now :::)