Periscopes on the Seattle show is a INsane ! As a dancer i intrinsically know this music so well but the change up that Simon is doing is a beautiful mental challenge . Gawd .

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Jim Morrison
about 5 years

I have a feeling tonight's show will blow us way!! ;;;)

about 5 years

2nd run through, such a great set! I feel so spoiled by this experience, I never expected this app to be so good!

Jesennia King
about 5 years

Simon didn't like it ? I'm in love with the entire show :) and that dancy trance in brain in a fish tank duuuuude

about 5 years

I love those keep you on your toes changes

Corderosa Amada
about 5 years

Right?!? I know Simon said he didn't like it so much but I'm digging how bass-y it is. Makes me want to dance.