wed. night my friend Kristin and I were drinking some home brews and listening to some sphongle music outside getting ready to go from NC to Chicago and Detroit shows. I was fooling around doing some new yoga poses where you balance your legs out in front of you while raised on your after several hours of drinking, playing music , listening to sphongle and attempting new asanas my friend face planted on the concrete. we live in a small town and both work for a substance abuse clinic.. haha... and were working on ideas to explain to our coworkers this sore on her chin without sounding like it was a drunk fall. it kinda looked like a burn so I came up with the idea to say that she was munching some ladies carpet and got rug burn. any other ideas from sphongle land?

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over 5 years

^ditto LOL

over 5 years

I'd say you pretty much nailed your excuse. :)

Shawn Ortez
over 5 years

oh my word