Listening to the Seattle show while sitting sitting in the sunshine. It's 69 degrees on Dallas right now.

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Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

That's lovely Jim!

over 5 years

we're at 90's here in San Diego... inferno!

over 5 years

Enjoy! I'm saving it for my post work bike ride this arvo, should help energise me!

Jim Morrison
over 5 years

Shawn, safe travels buddy! Looking forwards to the pics of you and Si. Life is good!! Agree??

Simon Posford
over 5 years

Mmmm lovely... It's 36 here in Minneapolis!

Jesennia King
over 5 years

Wow !

Shawn Ortez
over 5 years

*shakes fist at the sky*
It's been in the 60s all week here now it's set to be 30 all weekend looks like no top down drive to chicago