So I always see these posts about 432hz vs 440hz when it comes to sound... Simon, do you have any input on this?

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over 5 years

Can't track down pic of 432, but I'm sure he's a fan

Simon Posford
over 5 years

Sure... It's all based on cymatics, from I can tell. I don't really believe the hype - you can get the same effect by tuning a CDJ a few cents lower.... In any case, whatever tuning you choose has pretty harmonics at certain frequencies. Some instruments sound better tuned down, but not necessarily at A=432... If anything, I'd go even lower for some guitars.
Also what happens if you are a little out of tune? Or what about microtonal music that doesn't divide an octave into 12 notes?
For the hassle of writing at A=432 (making every instrument re-tune) I think you're better off keeping the same standard as everyone else, but maybe writing your track in a key that is a semitone lower.
I agree that everything resonates at a certain frequency... But I don't think pitching your songs down a few Hz will suddenly make you one with the universe.