Have others ever had a "profound revelation"? I guess like it says in child's garden of grass they mostly aren't very insightful but here's the only Big Idea I've ever had....

It fits on a hand, the metaphor of it - so if I exist as the centre of my palm, I can expand my sense of self along my thumb to encompass being human (moves beyond gender/sexuality/race/whatever to some shared experience)

Then after assimilating that, or maybe in no particular order, I can explore being an animal of my first finger - so maybe I drop some of the conditioning of how I should be but tune more into how my warm animal body feels right now - I guess by this point regular word thoughts have been passed and it's an experience shared with whales, eagles, beatles, starfish or whatever

So the second finger is being alive - which hugs sense of being a tree or a magic plant. I suppose the progression is all in terms of expansion of consciousness - but for me it happened over time in steps - and it's ongoing and say with the tree sense I'm aware of breathing and a different sense of time passing

Then third finger is about feeling like a planet - ha like someone else posted here - but includes relating to me as mineral and I guess passing awareness beyond being alive to something more expansive - language stops being useful really - but it's more timeless I suppose

Last step is little finger but a big jump - to being aware of being stardust and opening up to the whole of experience - that I am an aware part of the cosmos

- - -

I've found that framework to be helpful to me and I like how the regular sense of self is at the centre but bubbles out to embrace more of who I am

Feels real somehow to me - no idea if it makes any sense to anyone else! Safe travels everyone :::) peace out,d

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