in 2012 Shpongle played a small festival at harmony park in Geneva MN about 25 mins away from where I live. Simon played in the tent stage and it was basically a deemster hot box right after shpongle primus was playing on the mainstage biggest mindfuck ever. after primus was over went back to camp & blasted off and I got caught in a loop and was running around yelling shpongle for rest of the night. for rest of the weekend I was known as shpongle kid and people still see me and random shows & festivals and they recognize me as shpongle. its kinda funny how 3 years later random people call me shpongle. :::) stay shpongled

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over 5 years

Haha.. Classic. I've been in the "Shpongled" state of mind mannnnny times!! I remember when u saw Primus live around 20 years ago In St.killda, Australia.. It was off its head!!