A fun random post for the night. I was playing the live set from Paris in my office while I work yesterday. My 3.5 year old comes in and asks what I'm listening to. I tell him and he says very frankly "I like that," and then walks out and goes about the rest of his day. I love that our kiddo is exposed to all kinds of music and already has an appreciation for it .

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Simon Posford
about 5 years

Good kid!

about 5 years

Lol that's some funny shit. yo Gabba gabba is definitely different so I get it.

about 5 years

my 5yo informs me 'that music sounds like Yo Gabba Gabba !'

about 5 years

That's awesome! I had control of the radio at work the other day. hooked my phone up via bluetooth, everyone enjoyed the music!