Just a small but what I feel is amazing happenstance.
I went to see Simon for the second time ever at Hulaween 2014. On top of going to see Simon (My fav DJ part of my fav music group), I also wanted to go to an awesome music festival. Hulaween is the best festival I've ever been to, and I can't recommend it enough. Spooky, beautiful setting, in the woods, camped out with thousands of very loving and happy and open people. Just amazing vibes all around. Look into it and go, you owe it to yourself.
Anyway, at Hulaween, I woke up the second morning I was there, Halloween morning, and there were three hippies that had moved in to the tree next door to my hammock :P, they were jamming out, one with a ukulele, one with a bongo, and one with his beautiful voice. So I went over to say hi, and we smoked a blunt by the campfire (it was kinda chilly), and we talked a bit, and they invited me to jam with them. I've never jammed before, and didn't play any instruments at the time (since then I've bought a Didgeridoo at the Deerfield Rennaissance faire, and gotten decent and getting better), but I can make trumpet noises with my lips, so I was trumpeting along with their jam, and it was amazing, seriously one of the best experiences ever. Jamming is where it's at.

Anyway, fast forward a few months, and I went to see Simon on Feb 27th at Revolution Live in Miami, for the 3rd time. I got there, and right at the gates, some cute hippie kid saw my Witch Doctor mask and offered me a hit of acid right on the spot. Fuck yeah. he puts a tab on my tongue, laughs and says "that's some potent stuff, you're going to have a blast".
So I'm in the venue, and it starts coming on strong still while Phutureprimitive is playing, and everything is amazing, Simon gets on, the light show extravaganza begins, just hypnotic. The energy is amazing. I'm ADD and walking from spot to spot, and talking to dif people and watching some glovers and some awesome poi spinners, and just feeling the love. Then this guy comes up to me, and he grabs me by the arm and looks me in the eye and says with a big grin "You. I know you. Where do I know you from?"
I look him over a moment, and he looks really familiar, and it takes a sec but then I realize and I exclaim excitedly "Hulaween. We were neighbors at Hulaween!!!" And he goes "FUCK YEAH, WE WERE NEIGHBORS AT HULAWEEN", and I'm like "DUDE, WE JAMMED HARD", and I trumpet, and he trumpets, and we give each other a big ass hug and take down our info.
Mind you, this is many months after Hulaween, and over 500 miles away. Simon provided an amazing experience. The love in the air is powerful. The people his (And Wonderful Raja Ram's) music attracts are some of the best people in the world.
Please continue creating wonderful experiences, and bringing amazing people and energies together. Thank you Simon

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That's what I love above the world of doof