Okay, so I'm going to try to convey to you all how ridiculously hilarious this series of events was...
It all started when the pod of three was set to bring in a shpongled new year. We had literally been getting hyped up over this for weeks (because the last time we all had tickets to shpongle I came down with the flu the night before the show). At about 8pm New Year's Eve it became evident that Unicorn Meat had cancelled the show, but we couldn't believe it and my friend Ian David had to see with his own eyes so he took a cab to the empty warehouse and stood outside and visualized what sadly could have been. Once we had some sort of closure we started looking for emergency backup plans and Ian told us he'd found this other event that looked cool... so he went straight there and checked his coat and sat in the corner charging his phone (because he was literally the first person at this venue) and about 2 hours later we found him (and a handful of other misplaced Shpongleoids) at this BangOn NYE Time and Space party. So the end of the night rolls around and we get in "line" at the coat check but it quickly becomes evident that there is absolutely no sense of order back there and it's highly unlikely that we'll ever get our coats if we don't take matters into our own hands. So Ian slips back under the tables and immediately locates his coat because it was the first one checked... meanwhile I'm trying to hand him our tickets asking him to look for our coats while he's back there as if he's going to be able to find them amongst all of the disheveled racks and Ian is just bopping around back in the coat check so shpongled having a jolly good time... Finally my friend Kendall and I get back there too and we're all just weaving around in a sea of coats cracking up at the absolute ridiculousness of the entire situation wondering if we'll ever get out and then out of nowhere I'm able to just self identify with my coat and it was like the biggest relief ever and we could finally get out of this black hole of a coat check. So all in all our New Years was pretty shpongled even though we missed seeing Simon... but third time's a charm! This pod is coming for you in New York next Friday!!

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Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

Just goes to show that the world would be a lot more efficient if run by Shpongloids.

over 5 years

hahaha hey Ian, when you're done tripping back there can you look for my coat?