I have a pretty strange Shpongle story. I already saw Simon in San Francisco, but here's my story.

2010 was pretty much hell on Earth for me. I had a miscarriage, my fiancé left me and I was extremely depressed. My family was in shambles and my parents were living on two separate continents. I was working 2 jobs and putting myself through college. That summer a friend of mine bought me a ticket to Wakarusa. It was a few days before I was supposed to be at a wedding but I figured it would be fun to go, so off we went. I told my mom days before we left that I was going to be gone for a few days and I'd be back in time to make my flight to Michigan, but in the stress of planning my cousins wedding she mistook the date. In the three days I was gone, she called the police, the state troopers and filed a missing persons report. They checked my Facebook and told her I was fine, but my mom was LIVID to say the least.

When I got to Michigan, she decided that I was an irresponsible heathen (after three days of hanging out on a mountain with no showers, I'm sure I looked like one) and decided then and there that I was coming home to California (much against my will, it took 11 and sedatives to get me on the plane). My first day in California I prayed for a sign that I should stay. I drove past the Fox Theatre in Oakland only to see a sign for Shpongle Live. I took that as my sign to just stay in California. I enrolled in school for Fashion Design and begun pulling my life together.

One day I was in a class when my professor pulled me aside and said "You'll be a great fashion designer someday, but you really belong in costume design. I really believe you should do costuming." After class I walked around the city and told myself "If I see another sign that proves I should switch majors I'll do it." Later that day I found out that Shpongle would be playing at Bicycle Day. So the next day I emailed my professor saying I'll be a costume designer...if I could do costumes for Shpongle with a clip of "Nothing Is Something Worth Doing" from the Live in London DVD.

I've since become a costume design and merchandising major, but I'll never forget the weird syncronicities that brought me here. I remember the moment my life changed. During the set at Wakarusa Simon said "The music is in your DNA." In that moment I actually FELT it. I don't want a free ticket, instead I want a promise that when there is a live show, I could do costumes and merchandising.

Every time I see Simon I take a moment to stare and I realise "If I had never come across this man...I'd be a nurse right now."

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over 5 years

yes! I love this story, I had a similar epiphany to this song at a festival. congrats on finding your calling!

over 5 years

wow this is such a wild story! when the universe speaks.....

Corderosa Amada
over 5 years

Thanks Mojojim. I was offered a scholarship so I'm really excited.

Also if you want some irony here goes:
Simon is in a band called Younger Brother with Benji. My younger brother's name is Benji

Jim Morrison
over 5 years

Great story. ;;;)

Corderosa Amada
over 5 years

It's my life motto now. It changed my life

Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

Great song. Totally agree.