My favorite Shpongle memory was at my friends house after a night of getting Shpongled. We turned the TV on and it happened to be the episode of The Simpsons where you got the sample for The Nebbish Route. As soon as Ned Flanders said "Do-Diddly-Doodliy-Hobbily-Hibbily-Gobbily-Gobble-Gabba-Gabba-Hey!" we all collectively realized what it was from, lost our shit, and rolled around in blankets for the next few minutes. :::D

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Simon Posford
almost 6 years

Ha! I love it when you hear a sample from a favourite tune whilst watching a movie or show... It's quite strange how the feeling of recognition suddenly hits you like a sledgehammer! It's like being transported to another dimension....

almost 6 years


Namaste Yeti
almost 6 years

Wut O.o

Forest Boyle
almost 6 years

Mojojim: It is! There's a clip of the episode on YouTube, it's poor quality but search 'Homer on chili!!!' and it happens at the 1:05 minute mark

Kristin Spradling
almost 6 years

Lol. Sampling a classic.

Jim Morrison
almost 6 years

Wow. If that's really where he got the sample, you should win just for figuring it out!!