So first time I saw Simon DJ instead of the live band was at the house of blues in Boston. After the show we walk outside, and right on the side of Fenway park the was this super badass steel drum circle thing going on. Naturally all the freshly shpongled shpongloids gathered around such a sight and it became kind of a big thing. We were raging along, when we notice someone walking around with a couple balloons. Just kind of assumed someone left Fenway park and got balloons or some shit.. Then suddenly, BALLOONS EVERYWHERE! People were just driving down the street, stopping the car which was packed with filled balloons and unloading them extremely fast and dipping out just to be back and do it again in a couple minutes. It went from "fuck, shpongles over, what now?" to "oh these drummers are sick!" to "WTFNITROUSTHISISASHITSHOW" with people falling all over the place in 10 minutes. It was insane. Only Shpongle.

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Kristin Spradling
about 5 years


Mike Caira
about 5 years

Also New York plz! :::)