Chicago contest entry.
I was first introduced to Shpongle by a friend I had made in high school who later became my boss at a local run pipe shop. This amazing souls name was Tony and he passed away sadly last year 2 months after I moved away from Pennsylvania. Tony was a dread head which sparked my interest one day he noticed me wearing an aphex twin shirt he walked up commented on my shirt and then asked me to me him at his locker after school. We went to his house that night and he introduced me to Shpongle I was hooked from the first 20 seconds in we both just sat there in silence sober starring at the ceiling two 17 year olds confused by the mysteries of the universe now trying to make sense of how any amount of people could compose this beautiful and unique array of sounds let alone later we find out perform live!! I started working with Tony about 4 years after this in 2008 and every Saturday night at the shop was Shpongle night trying to subject as many people as possible to the tunes. I was only able to catch one show with Tony out of the 20 I have been blessed to attend. The show was the NYC live show I feel that show is where I truely met my friend Tony even after almost 7 years of knowing him we were not able to connect on that kind of emotional level and I thank you so much for that experience.
For the longest time Tony and myself would use your music to journey into other realms and feel safe being unique and different the tracks would also make me drift so sweetly of to sleep... well that all changed the day I saw my first Shpongletron show oh my can't sleep to that anymore haha.
Every live show leaves me falling in love with a new little piece of the art that I had never experienced before.
As of to date though my top two favorite tron shows would have to be starscape and all good (though technically aren't they masquerade) the crowd they drew in where just what the sounds were calling for as far as a diverse festival they both were I think those sets won over a lot of hearts and really helped make the festival experience whole. There's not much that can be said about Red rocks or bisco that hasn't been said before :::D best way for to put it you just had the to be there and if you weren't hopefully someday you will.

Thank you Simon for this oppertunity driving 5.5 hrs for this one

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over 5 years

this was a touching story indeed thank you for sharing ♡

over 5 years

Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

This is a very meaningful story. Thank you for sharing it.

Shawn Ortez
over 5 years

it cut off but...
thank you as well to all of you the fans for taking the time to read this to vote and to support Simon over these crazy years. stay positive stay amazing and stay shpongled.
much love,