I remember when Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland came out, I made it my goal to go on a deep trip and listen to all 4 Shpongled albums in a row.

I got through Are You Shpongled and into Tales of the Inexpressible when Room 2om came on. I was deep in it at this point. Really pretty deep, hearing the air vibrating around me laying on my bed just absorbing all the holy madness.

Then suddenly I hear "To be Shpongled is to be kippered, mashed, smashed, destroyed." And then right as I hear "COMPLETELY GESCHTONKENFLAPPED." I burst out laughing hysterically and had to get up and take a break from it all.

I never did make it through all 4 albums, and I still need to do it (now 5!) but it was a very memorable experience. The whole trip turned around after that and I was able to move again instead of melting into the bed. Fond memories.

Thanks so much Si and Raj, you guys have changed my life profoundly! It would be awesome to catch you in Philly, but I'm hoping to catch you around either way!

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almost 6 years

Hehe yep I've burst out laughing when I've been deep too lol

Kristin Spradling
almost 6 years

I have faith that you will accomplish your goal.