Simon. All the albums but Mysteries have the Shpongle face. What made that album different?

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Namaste Yeti
about 5 years

I always loved the picture, it always made me feel like it was Shpongleland. and the ribbons in the picture lead to the mask it seemed like to me. c:::

Zach Novak
about 5 years

It makes it stand out to me tho. I like it.

Simon Posford
about 5 years

Storm Thorgerson did the artwork for that album. He wasn't particularly enamoured with the mask, and always takes a more surreal, less literal approach, which I really like. He included the mask inside the album, so if you have the CD I'm sure you can find it. I think the Yogi bouncing across the water is pretty funny, and it's one of my favourite booklets... But Raj always hated this one, because it didn't include the mask and was less "branded" than the others... But I have to confess I really like it and I'm very fond of Storm, and honoured to have worked with him.