Hi Simon!!
When you will go to Spain in concert?
It's in your future plans?

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David Malgà
over 5 years

Hi master...
5 days ago we talk about come to Barcelona to play a concert. I talk yesterday with a big promotor of parties in barcelona (he works last years with Infected Mushroom, Etnica, Absolum, and a lot of big producers) and he need to know your cache and prices. We expect the best prices can you offer us for comming for first time to this nice and funny city.
Thanks for all and congratulations for your special music that we love.

David Malgà
over 5 years

I'll try to find you a promoter!!
I can ask around ;))))
Thanks for your answer & congratulations for your fantastic app!!

(Dali museum is very cool)

Simon Posford
over 5 years

No plans right now - except to visit the Dali museum... Can you get a promoter to book me?