ok, first post here!

So I was first introduced to Shpongle in 2011 by a dear friend who told me to listen to shpongle while tripping, so I did and consequently "star shpongled banner" is one of my top faves because I first listened to it on my first shroom trip - moving along, I became very fascinated by the music and slowly but surely I knew all the songs. but I didn't know anyone who shared my love for shpongle so for a few years I felt alone and worse I thought I wasn't ever going to witness a show because of that and because I hadn't seen Shpongle come up with a new album in years (this was before museum of consciousness came out) I thought it was on an indifinite hiatus.

Then I start blogging and made profound connections with people who shared the same love for shpongle as I, but again, it was no one near me so I still felt alone.

But then last year I found out Shpongle was coming to san diego and I went with my boyfriend (he listens to other music but still went with me and had a blast anyways!) and it was seriously the most magical! from start to finish I couldn't believe I was there! I remember being in the bathroom and all of a sudden I hear shpongle going on and my door opens on its own and I just took at as a sign TO JUST HURRY UP AND GO! after the show I unexpectedly meet Simon, I go up to him and honestly I had no idea what to say so I asked if I could give him a hug and he said yes and I had the most cliché but genuine fan moment come out and said "I love your music!" and he humbly replied "thank you!" I didn't even think about a picture which I later regretted but hey some memories are meant to just stay with you :)

And now as of 2015 I have made a close friend who sincerely fell in love with shpongle after me introducing her to it so of course she's the person that comes to last week's show with me :)

OK that was my LONG shpongle story... I hope you guys enjoyed! and I think my shpongle story will continue here of course :)

Thank you for reading and for being such an awesome community, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! ♡

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over 5 years

thank you so much everyone! you all are an awesome bunch :::) I'm definitely going to be on here quite frequently... haha! much love to all you shpongloids!

mojo, I agree! I know I would love to read how everyone got into shpongle!

please everyone share your story !!! :::)

Katie Mongan
over 5 years

this is great! :::) much love!

Paul Antonissen
over 5 years

Your story was quite clear. Welcome to Shoongleland

Jim Morrison
over 5 years

That's a great story. I was thinking the other day that we should encourage everyone to post what they where doing when they first heard Shpongle and how it changed their lives. As we all know, it's more than just music. ;;;)

over 5 years

Welcome to the team ms. f!!!

over 5 years

What a marvelous read, Ms Fairy (: This was a great way to start my day. Thanks! n Much love ♡

over 5 years

p.s in case the story got confusing, the friend that introduced me to shpongle shortly lost contact with me so that's why after him I didn't know anyone else who knew of shpongle. I wrote this a lil too hastily!