Had a shpongled hat party one night with a few great friends of mine! sadly we lost the bumble bee last year to a tragic car accident. she and her fiance introduced us to shpongle so listening to simon always reminds me of all the times spent with her! Quick little story: So Kerri (the bee) passed away Dec of 2013. Shpongle was scheduled to play Valentines day of 2014 in DC. of course we got tickets. Show was postponed due to Simon being stuck somewhere! The date was rescheduled for April on Kerri's birthday!!! She totally made that happen from whatever universe she is hanging out in! she so would! :::) just felt like sharing that story. It Always makes me smile!

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over 5 years

aw thank you for sharing this sweet story :::) made my heart smile

Kristin Spradling
over 5 years

Hug :-)

over 5 years

Sounds like bumble bee is and will be ever present , watching over you.
Making sure positive energy surrounds you and your life journeys. May the music never stop !

over 5 years

Hehe, I'm sure Mz Bee is buzzin' around, Shponglin' out as we speak (:

Jesennia King
over 5 years

Much love .. Neat when synchronicity happens :::)