So I had recorded some of the live feet from last nights show and was importing some tracks into iTunes when this screen popped up. Apparently, iTunes was trying to identify the tracks and this is the list it came up with.

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about 5 years

this is incredibly funny! none other like shpongle!

Jim Morrison
about 5 years

iTunes could not identify the remixed DJ set of Shpongle. And this is the list it came up with as possible names of the songs. iTunes multi-million dollar analytics software was stumped! Hilarious !! ;;;))

Simon Posford
about 5 years

Haha! Is that supposed to all be Shpongle?

about 5 years

Loved that Shpongletron remix of the Captain Pugwash theme!

Jesennia King
about 5 years

Love it

about 5 years

Lol twinkle twinkle little star