Hi all! I haven't been here for a while, but getting disillusioned with Facebook so wondering whether to get going here again... Or close the app. What do you think? How many people are engaging here?
It's probably better to close it than let it stagnate, don't you think?

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Thomas Huemer
2 days

Hi Simon
I only discovered this App yesterday, please don’t close it. BTW I absolutely love the Younger Brother album „Vaccine“ (Original version), took me a year to find a used CD! Also a great Shpongle fan of course, but discovered your music a bit late. Best wishes from Austria, THOMAS

6 days

keep it man, Facebook is for arguing and bullsh@t..... yes we love you and your twisted brain

about 2 months

Hi Simon! I just found the app so please don’t close it! I’m not on Facebook, so this is my only connect to you!! I’m from India and I love your music!! Loved it for decades!! So pleeeeeeease let the app be on

Adam Rice
about 2 months

We are here and we love you!!!

3 months

App it up some more, I just found out today you released this app!!

Emiel Monnink
4 months

are you still using this app Simon?

5 months

So sad I miss seed Red Rocks 😭

5 months

I think this is an awesome app. I’ve been missing it, found it in my old purchases and will be using it again everyday

6 months

Nothing lasts but... Keep it going if you can 🌈🦇

6 months

keep it going Simon. Don't do Facebook any more than I absolutely have to.

Lorien Vivianne Meier
7 months

Hello Simon. I also just discovered the app and really hope you keep it going! Love from switzerland!

Jim Morrison
8 months

LOL You too Canuck! ;::D

8 months

love you jim xxoo :::)

Jim Morrison
8 months

Hey Simon, it no longer runs on any newer Apple phone or ipad. The OGs miss our little family get togethers on here. I mean this is where are little family started fix it update it. At least get it running better for final RR show.

Love ya

8 months


10 months

keep the app alive! and please keep future tours timely updated. this is the most important always

10 months

is that a prawn?

10 months

Come on BRU keep this thangalang going

12 months

Def keep going!

Gareth Fitzpatrick
12 months

Keep it going, it’s better than facebook anyday