shpongle-induced Jungian synchronicity! following several years effort to score Dimitri, a high school pal calls out of the blue with a gram within 24 hrs of opening Codex CD. Kickass.

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over 2 years

Cylon - do you possibly have a link or can you explain what ‘MAPS anthology’ is so I can google it? I’d love to read Simon’s contribution..

Cylon Funguy
over 2 years

Simon's essay on DMT in the 2014 MAPS anthology was my shpongle spore. I purchased every CD the next day, and have since remained decidedly shpongled. But lately entheogens have become as rare as a white buffalo in my manor.
Till now! 8)
Hence, the synchronicity.

over 2 years


over 2 years

No coincidence, methinks (;:: Congrats. Truly special when you are seeked out successfully!