Think I'm going to be in tears when the electronic remixes of Younger Brother are Released on here :::,)

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Namaste Yeti
over 5 years

They aren't bad at all! Crying of Happiness and Enlightenment tears from Shpongleland c,::: I'm thankful I will be able to listen to them completely. Younger Brother is just beyond explanation for me, anything added to the collection I have and heard is honestly fragments of heaven to say the least. This App is just getting better and better. Revealing so many unexpected gifts, just how it needs to be. Super inspiring to me

Simon Posford
over 5 years

They're not that bad, I promise! They should make you smile, not cry! \uE411

Christian Christensen
over 5 years

didn't even know they were released. where have I been?

Benji Vaughan
over 5 years

Coming this week hopefully

over 5 years

They are fantastic (particularly Train), they were up on the Younger Brother app.