I know there's a few of you out here that make music (Brett...if you read this...I'm aiming this at you).

My performing arts group is applying for an artist in residency for 2018 and I'm looking for someone with music making abilities. I'd prefer someone who's a huge Simon Posford fan because this original started as a Shpongle Live proposal that morphed into a Shpongle-fanfiction that became an art collective.

I'm looking for an ambient-type mix for my performers to perform to. The show is April 12-22.

My contact info is Janet@projecterostribe.com. If you're interested please feel free to email me. Please mention that you saw this post on the Simon Posford app


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Corderosa Amada
almost 3 years

Got it! Sending it over to the rest of the collective for our upcoming discussions!

Michel Morgenegg87
almost 3 years

Mail on the way