Anyone else see this post on Instagram and damn near think you missed the album drop?!?? 😂😂😂 I was lightweight panicked for 2.5 seconds like "Wait wait wait!!! I heard they hadn't mixed it yet...HOW DID THEY LOVE THE ALBUM ALREADY?!?!"

But it's not out YET. Waiting for this album is def harder than waiting for MoC

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over 3 years

I'm not even waiting for the new Tool album. They've let us on for too long. I'll be excited when they have an actual release date. Ive never anticipated an album as much as Codex 6. I obsessively check for news. If it doesn't get released soon I'll have to be put in a mental hospital.

over 3 years

I am in the same boat. When. Will. The. Album. Drop. It's as bad as waiting for the new TOOL album.

over 3 years

+1 You're not alone, Janet lol