Dearest Simon,
I hope this reaches you somehow.
I want to share a story with you. Three years ago I was in a dark place. I had become addicted to painkillers and I was destroying myself. Fate would have it that I crossed paths with your amazing music one night with some good friends and a psychedelic experience. "I Am You" played and I crumbled and wept. Something about that song in particular fired off some neurons that led me out of my "dark time" and today I'm free from addictive drugs. My life has turned around completely, and I owe it all to the most beautiful musical composition I've ever heard: "I Am You".
This summer I get to share a space at Camp Bisco with those same friends and yourself, and I just want you to know how very happy we are to see you play your art in person. I'm sure you've got a set already lined up for the show, but if you could find it in your heart to play a little bit of "I Am You", it would mean so very much to a couple of junkies that turned their lives around from the healing power of your musical art. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and we are so very looking forward to seeing you at Camp Bisco. Much love.

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over 3 years

Profound resonance with Heart communication. Blessings to you!

Rajesh Vedula
over 3 years

Let's all go to Shpongleland!

over 3 years

Cool story bro

over 3 years

Shpongle music heals :) Nice experience. Here I have an original Shpongle Mask and 2 vinyls hanging on my wall, it's like a reference point in my place :) Peace