I miss the old days when
You could go visit the old twistedrecords page, hallucinogen page or the shpongle.org and get some new information about some new record or just go to the forums and read something intresting. Now all I see is page after page of fan made, not that intresting pictures.

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over 3 years

love the app but still miss the activity on the old forums. Feals like it has gone more on the diractons to please the kids from USA. dont make shpongle a blink 182 😣😉

over 3 years

now that it's free it might get more popular? I know I'm here now bc of it.

Corderosa Amada
almost 4 years

Rachel you and me both. It's such and epic idea but it only works if someone does the work and makes the content

almost 4 years

You've also given a precise description of how I feel about this app....

almost 4 years

Let's hope the shpongle crew are to busy making new music to get involved in the forum stuff😁

Simon Nyheim
almost 4 years

I remember Shpongle.org! with all the cool fanmade wallpapers, and interesting posts. Bad it was removed

almost 4 years

agree, there is less of content now. the old shpongle/hallucinogen site is one of the most interressant ressource about it. go when it's still alive