have anyone tried running ,listening to some shpongle..I smoke some good bud and then go for a run..long long run?

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Mark Kaius Helenurm
almost 4 years

I've been doing the same all summer in Virginia; I have a speaker in my backpack that I blast Shpongle out of while biking and running... Best cardio music out there!

Lindsey van der Elzen
about 4 years

Keep hydrated!

Ian Highley
about 4 years

It's been a while, but I used to bike upwards of 60 miles a day with Shpongle. Running through nothing lasts is a sure way to burn some energy.

Corderosa Amada
about 4 years

All the time!!!! At some point "Juggling Molecules" comes on and I'm in the zone and you get to the point when your high is still there and runner's high kicks in...