Hello there fellow shponglenoids, my names John and I was hoping one of you could help me with my situation, I need to be readded to the facebook group, I undersrtand no new members are being added to preserve the orignal paid members. my original facebook account "glassaccount glassaccount ==[one name change]==> Dabs dmt everyday" was in the group as well as afew other closed/secret/hard to get into groups. well it was a throw away account that I used to buy glass art, pins, connect to festy friends (thankfully still logged in the simon app on my tablet) due to the nature of most of the art/pins/conversation and the state I live in you could understand why it was a throw away. Anyway due to a name report on my account was locked and I no longer have access to the phone that the email for said throw away was tied to nor do I know the password to the email, so here I am less connected to those I identify with :::(

so of anyone here is in power to help plz feel free to msg me I have screenshots of bill payments to the app from my account for verifcarion if it'll help.

hope you all are having a nice night!!

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Christian Christensen
about 4 years

I was a paying member. did not know there was a Facebook group for us 😊

Glassaccount Glassaccount
about 4 years

that would be so great thank you! my name on facebook is John Barnes!

about 4 years

what is your user name on facebook? just want to be sure i look you up right and can add you back.