so are we all paying for the app still? not complaining just wandering what's going on with it. been here from the day of release plan on staying till it does xx

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Cylon Funguy
about 4 years

I am. mainly for younger brother e l electric and live Seattle .

Jim Morrison
about 4 years

A Disciple media employee said they pulled it from the app store in order to disable the pay function and will be back in a few days.

about 4 years

I'm just confused as to why the app isn't available at all in the play store anymore. Does itunes still have it? Perhaps a big overhaul is coming for the free platform and our pay app will end when it launches. Until then, as we've all voiced, I'm happy toss a few shillings in the hat (:::

Corderosa Amada
about 4 years

I just got billed so I'm assuming so.