Ott played some gamma goblins at red rocks tonight!

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Graham Northwood
over 4 years

lol Mushy, well said

Mushy Mushy
over 4 years

Raja Ram is a god in this scene so he can do what he wants IMO.

over 4 years

I'm not really sure how it escalated, but I posted - from my side, honest criticisms to do with a) swiping misunderstood foreign lyrics with no understanding of content b) his beats not really working for me on too many mushrooms - like I just had t sense of a dude on stage who has, in common with most electronic/psy artists? not really spent much time dancing on psychedelics c) how legit it is to 'un-black' reggae removing the slavery/repatriation/Black deity etc lyrics and borrow music from a culture fairly anti-gay - he also said about how he was so unimpressed with pot, he'd leave a room if it was being smoked in which isn't very Marley d) him & SimonP being irresponsible in using the kids on LSD sample in their track e) that I thought he came across as a bit of a bully sometimes f) the stuff about gigging as Hallucinogen in Dub after being asked not to and whatever he said about not wanting to support Shpongle at redR

Lol ok that was a lot of negatives on my part. So it explains t Ott angries on psymusic towards me (then deleted) and us both leaving there.

Anyway, it can't be fun being on stage for claps and then getting heckled from t cheap seats. I guess the take home is that rather than causing offence by criticism we should create instead. Plus I like some of his music...genuinely cannot last more than a track or two at a time without fruitiness provoking skip reflex tho - so little dub-space in his music! That intro to queen is lush mind & fucking good on him for following his passions and turning into job too. Inspirational really and I should have kept my mouth shut. Mind you he's brutal in sharing opinions of others...RajaRam laying a stinking turd on the spirit of Goa with some of his more recent collaborations, all of modern psytrance being crap etc