Who else agrees Comfortably Numb is just the best song ever written?

To this day I can't hear it without welling up.
How can a damn guitar solo turn me into a blubbering mess?!

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over 4 years

-1 to nearly all music with lyrics.

Having said that, I had a moment lol last visit to Amsterdam after a bowl of Amnesia bud and headphones that voices tickle a different part of our heads - but that maybe there's a way of finding that spot without introducing verbalised thoughts, stolen snippets of foreign or over-processed slices that fall over tripping.
Like, that massive overlap between sound/voice indicating they're not categorically distinct - or a vocoder at least?

(also *hugs* to Si, doesn't deserve harshness esp from collaborators)

Graham Northwood
over 4 years

Right with you there mate, got to love the Floyd. Biggest travesty ever that they allowed Scissor Sisters to butcher it :-(