Does this leave you SHPONGLED ?

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Sean Wilson
over 4 years

Lol Rachel you're too funny

over 4 years

Shpongled? Unfortunately no... for me rubik's cubes only bring back memories of garage sales in the 1990's, pogs, the macarena, & beanie babies. Never could solve those bastards though - too easily distracted

Flora Cardamine
over 4 years

Oh you never heard of speed cubing? There is more impressive cube solving around believe me :-) I can't solve them but my dear nerdy ex husband definitely beats the guy in the video lol. He once made the mistake to speed solve a boys cube on an indian train.....he had to perform that stunt for over an hour after since the whole wagon wanted to scramble it up after and see if he can still solve it lol. It's always the same way to solve them btw. Basically you memorize that and that's the whole magic.

over 4 years

It hurts my brain just to watch! Nice skills!

Kristin Spradling
over 4 years

Wow! That's some talent.