I would like to say happy holidays, and a special thank you to everyone in this app Simon,Benji,Sam,Raj,Sat, & everyone here. This year thanks to this app, and all that I've connected with has inspired me to the fullest extent of my being.
If it wasn't for Shpongle & Shpongleland I wouldn't know where I would be, you guys are the heart of my inspirations and it was a honor to make so much progress this year in all aspects. I'm thankful to have fellow Shpongloids to enjoy and appreciate that with, getting the best out of every fractal of Shpongleland we unveil. I can't thank you all enough, you guys & this app is the best 9 month present I could ever ask for & still going strong.
Much Love, & Nothin but Good Vibes for Shpongleland

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about 4 years

Beautiful words Yeti! It was a pleasure to connect this year, happy holidays and love to all of our Shpongle family.

Sean Wilson
about 4 years

Happy holidays to you and your family and of course to the rest of the SHPONGLE world. One love !

about 4 years

Wonderful! Happy holydays to everyone!! thinking exactly the same... Nice text! I have a new energy since I feel closer to you all!! Namastè

about 4 years