Landed in Mumbai, great view!

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about 4 years

My favorite city!

Shows or holiday ever?

Bundi Pantelis
about 4 years

Wow that crazy building to the right of you is the residence of the wealthiest man in India apparently. enjoy shpreading the shpongle ✌

Jesennia King
about 4 years

Ohhhh it's golden !

Sean Wilson
about 4 years

Miss you si hope all is well man

about 4 years

Whoa! That's crazy! Have fun!! :)

Staler Verweij
about 4 years

Oh didn't get a notification you posted something.
You got a splendid view there! Another country ready to get shpongled :::)

Kristin Spradling
about 4 years

Beautiful view!

about 4 years

Wow! Good place to be... and play! Any QA at "hotel"? good luck maestro (::;ç