Hey guys. I've been feeling extremely down in the dumps lately. I was wondering what my fellow shpongloids do in these times to feel better? (other than listen to shpongle of course :) )

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over 4 years

1. Getting outside for a walk/roll in the park/scenery on a regular basis.

2. Something like 8g of fresh psilocybin truffle (nibbled) and a couple of cones to head out disco dancing once in a while.

3. Trying to fairly gentle/playful with myself and sitting nicely with wherever I might be rather than unimpressed/frustrated.

4. Casual healthy eating and spontaneous keep-fits.

5. Making a bit of an effort to find more 'quiet' time to chill to a book/music.

6. Enjoying range of connections with folk now & again.

7. Buy some mini home disco lights and always make time to 'dance' day-to-day.

8. Bed and cake days are good too.

9. Ooh and can I be naughty? Gift yourself a variety of sex toys and enjoy finding where tingles might be hiding.

10. Smoke a bowl whenever but maybe like 5 a week is cool. Ease into creative play - make some of the art/music/dance/culture you'd like to find.

over 4 years

Thank you all so much! you are all such beautiful souls and I love you all! this really helped me. this community is truly the most loving and accepting :')

over 4 years

hey! you should try to do things to get your mind off of it. try reading a new book, creating a new art peice, be around other people you know always bring a smile to you4 face :) otherwise lately Ive been listening to artist called YPPAH. his music manages to relax me and put me in a good mood ^^ maybe he can do the same for you?

Corderosa Amada
over 4 years

We love you!!! Hope you feel better soon.

Of course first I listen to some Shpongle or Younger Brother ("Nothing is Something Worth Doing" is always my first go-to, followed by "Pound A Rhythm"). Smoke a joint or do a dab. If that doesn't work I start a new art project or schedule a photoshoot. If it REALLY bad I get bodypainted.

If that fails...I cry to my mom and we talk it out and find a solution, then I smoke a joint and listen to more Shpongle.

Sean Wilson
over 4 years

Stay strong friend I usually punch a pillow or play my drums. One love

Staler Verweij
over 4 years

Hope you feel better soon! Mostly during that time I try to rest as much as possible and try to keep out of stressful situations oh and I smoke why to much then, but that's not a good advice lol

Ian Highley
over 4 years

Having been through some really tough times myself, and surrounded by hundreds of others in the same boat, I found one of the best ways to put your situation into perspective, is to be there for someone else who isn't doing so great. Having happy people try to assure you things aren't so bad never seems to work. Seeing how much worse things, could be, and helping someone that is worse off than yourself, can not only help lighten the mood, but typically creates an experience of joy/bliss. Maybe think about some kind of community service. I recommend looking up a woman (Ashley osh howard), who runs a free newsletter/penpal network for 'heads' that have become martyrs in the war on drugs. She can connect you with people that understand what your going through, and could use an extra person or two to help get through their time. Just an idea. I've been on both sides of the coin and it brought so much happiness to be involved in such an exchange.

over 4 years

Hello beautiful lil pipey, you are amongst friends here :-) In times like this don't be too hard on yourself. Go easy on yourself. Your strength, joy and love will return but let them come in their own time. Do gentle things like go outside, go for a walk, point your face to the sun, create or listen to music, let yourself move slowly in thoughts and deeds throughout the day. I find too much self-examination during such times hinders more than helps. Remember this time (or not) and save that learning for a time when you have more inner reserves. I remember your smile in a photo you posted. It made me feel happy. I wish for you a swift return of happiness and crazy dancing. Love, Andrew.

over 4 years

I try shake myself up, exercise,
I personally do taikwondo, as a means of releasing myself, you get to spin, jump and feel yourself influencing the space, it's basically dancing

go get lost in a part of your area you don't know

For me being down is a sign I'm not being true to my nature and need to deep dive into mystery, creativity and inspiration and avoid becoming boxed by work or false problems

Flora Cardamine
over 4 years

Feel better soon! Uhm....I bitch and moan about it, write poetry, smoke too much, pester people with my weird sense of humour online, sprinkle some benzos on the situation and enter a close symbiosis with my blanket.....Nothing particularily helpful from my side albeit I should be an expert on it by now......but sending you a hug.

over 4 years

I usually go into into myself looking for the causes... The roots of the feeling... Emotions are signals... no external imput... Just take your time and enjoy the spedition in the Deep Sea!!! xxx

over 4 years

find something peaceful to do, then turn your phone off. go get some you time, and make sure that damn phone is off