Hate to be "that guy" but the show at Uptown tonight left me disappointed, mostly for technical reasons. Once Simon came on somebody at the mixer cranked it to 11+ and the low end sounded like a team of sled dogs with asthma, it never got any better. It was overdriven. I left early against the memory that I once flew to London to have a blast with Simon and Benji in the studio. I'll always be a fan but I couldn't endure that noise.

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Staler Verweij
over 4 years

Didn't hear anything negative about that night except this post, like Rachel I would have give anything to be therethere, to bad it wasn't what you expected

over 4 years

I would have done unspeakable things just to take your place. If the sound wasn't right, Simon probably wasn't thrilled either - so that sucks. I can't wrap my head around disliking a Shpongle show though, my brain just won't allow that! Better luck next time guy