hi guys. i've been hearing lately that my music sounds like a more trap influenced shpongle, and personally that's incredible to me. if you have time to give it a listen, i'd so deeply appreciate it. i play shows in atlanta and asheville here and there, would love to meet up with some of you.


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Mushy Mushy
over 4 years

Well done. I like it.
Will follow you on SC.

over 4 years

hahahahaha oh jeez thank you so much, i can't tell you how much it means to me to hear your feedback. i hadn't heard of Nimba so I looked her up, and I totally get what you're saying. very similar percussion among other things. thank you again. (((<3)))

over 4 years

Wow! What a surprise!! I've Found you very similar to Nimba (GoaGil's wife, Ariane MacAvoy)... original psytrap tribal! Garuda has maybe 2 sounds similar with circuits of the immagination or molecular superstructure but just 2 sounds... Maybe... anyway you are crazy (positive side)!!! I m surprised