Hi Simon and Benji, I notice Vaccine Electronic is releasing at the end of the month via Play Store (& I assume App Store), are there any plans for a physical or lossless release?

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Christian Christensen
almost 5 years

I would love that wav purchase option too

almost 5 years

I'd like offline versions too please.

Mindset and setting are an important part - or they should be at least considered - of a listening 'experience' & I think it's daft (and a bit irresponsible?) to only offer a stream on a telephone.

Online is full of nonsense and best avoided in any sort of heightened state. Terrence McKenna closed the door and unplugged his wall-phone even.

As lovely as it is, this app is far from a sorted base to explore music from. Please can we have paid-for wav download options of all musical content, to put onto an offline player, to enjoy in appropriate context.

Mushy Mushy
almost 5 years

Indeed it is. Oct 30th.

Thanks for the heads up!