Shortly before this app went live I posted in the Shpongle red rocks group on Facebook about my new love for younger brother. I had of course listened to it before then but for some reason it never clicked in my brain. Until bicycle day and half a dozen hits helped me see it is some of the best stuff out there. Someone commented they had to go through the same thing to truly appreciate bluetech. After catching a show of Evans over the weekend, I'm now here to say the same! My god, what a genius! Hope y'all are doing well. Can't wait to meet some of you at Shpongle in Denver. Any instagramers should hit me up if you enjoy these kinds of pics. I've been getting tons of good ones. @dmtransmutations :)

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Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

Indeed a awesome picture

almost 5 years

Great photo Ian!

almost 5 years

Ian, I am with you brother!! (:::

Ian Highley
almost 5 years

I am still very new at it. I'm about ready to start playing with it outside of concert scenarios and would love to get any advice that may flatten out my learning curve. I'm using a Sony nex 5r a MILC, with kit lenses, so I'm a bit limited, and I've only been playing around for a few months, but it's a lot of fun regardless. I shall friend you and see where this goes :)

Sam Beppu
almost 5 years

Ian I do light painting as well for many years now we should share

almost 5 years

yeap bluetech stayed on constant play back when I was dosing all the time. good stuff.