Favorite Shpongle album, and why? Go! :)

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over 4 years

I guess God Particle EP, but honestly I find it all really rich so it's too much for me to be able to handle a whole album at once. Too many layers, intricacies or something - I mean it's beautiful and all but I yearn for simpler too. As another example, Bluetech is viewed as one of the best music makers - but my absolute favourite and probably first pick to trip to, is the Dreamtime Submersible with him and SteveHillage which has as much space as it does sound. The clumsy armchair shrink in me might suggest that RajR is an extrovert who craves ever more intense stimulation - so he might push for so many colours all at once. Is there a competitiveness for touring psy too - that it should sound really fiddly to have made? Everyone has different tastes though and it must all sound dreamy to - well, millions of people I guess now.

almost 5 years

Probably, are you spongled.
Because it was the first i heard, a very long time ago now...
Hard to choose thou. Many good albums.

almost 5 years

My favorite shpongle album I have to say is nothing lasts but nothing is lost, oddly enough it was the one I least listened to for the longest time, but I had a very intense mystical experience during a trip while listening to it it felt like I wasn't remembering anything that was happening Like every second I was brand new and throughout the album when little parts pop up again from previous tracks I just don't even know but it felt like having déjà vu constantly and kicked ass lol . At the same time my favorite album changes week to week, sometimes hour to hour lol

Staler Verweij
almost 5 years

Are you shpongled because it all started there and shpongle 6 (title unknown) because it's the next phase in shpongle land.
But seriously it's all depending on the mood like said in previous reply s they are all brilliant and true master pieces.

almost 5 years

I m with Ian... Probably i could speak for a week to explain why i can' t choose only one album...

Corderosa Amada
almost 5 years

God Particle EP. It was the first new thing I heard from Shpongle since I came across them. I remember where I was when I first heard it, in my dining room with some of my art supplies. That was the summer my mom had surgery to remove a brain tumour and I remember money being really tight but I saved pennies to buy it on iTunes.

After I heard it I was convinced I wanted to paint something epic

Ian Highley
almost 5 years

Whichever one I am listening to at a given moment. Seriously. It's nearly impossible to choose. They are all perfect. I have had moments where I feel more strongly about tales and nothing lasts. Extremely profound moments had throughout both. But I can say the same for all. Just seem to listen to those two more than the others.